Tuesday, January 25, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Paper Chasing

Ok, so, double post today! Somehow I was posting not the nails of the DAY, but they nails of YESTERDAY! So here you have it, the nails of today, China Glaze Paper Chasing! It's a super pretty medium green, a lot like Sally Hansen HD Hi-Def, but slightly darker and with a much better formula because it's China Glaze!
I've been taking my photos outside now because I think it looks better and captures the color truer to what it really looks like than flash does. But, this is how it looks outside, and outside it's been very overcast because it's winter. That said, the picture looks a bit like the green has a blue shimmer to it, and it doesn't. If anything it has a more yellow-ish, lime green shimmer than blue.
So, medium green, good formula, requires 3-4 coats for opacity but doesn't come out thick at all.

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