Thursday, March 3, 2011

NOTD: Nina Orange Flame

Hey everyone,
I'm so sorry I haven't been posting even though I said I would... I have 2 posts for tonight though! This one is Nina Orange Flame, which is a typical neon orange. Of course, my camera doesn't capture the color properly, but I'm sure you've all seen some sort of neon orange at some point in your lives, so you know what it looks like. Good formula, a bit sheer, this was 4 coats.
I also got some of the China Glaze crackles and I LOVE them! Over Orange Flame, I put Cracked Concrete crackle and I really liked how it turned out, it looks like molten lava!!


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog!

    Do you have any tips on applying nail polish neatly? No matter what I do, it always looks awful with polish everywhere... :( Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  2. Thank you!
    and to apply polish neatly, I know this is going to sound annoying, but all you need to do is just practice a lot! That's the only way I'm able to paint them neatly. If you look at some of my earlier pictures they're very messy, and I would take those photos a day after I had applied that polish so that some of the excess polish on my skin would have time to come off!

  3. I really like how you used the grey crackle over the orange! Never would of thought of that! It looks awesome!