Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NOTD: Hot Topic Purple Iridescent Nail Polish

This is, believe it or not, one of my favorite Polishes in my collection! It is absolutely AMAZING! It's a purple jelly base with tons of sparkly flecks that flash purple and blue, depending on the light. It's kind of like Sally Hansen Laser except the base for that is blue, so it appears more blue than purple, and the base for this is purple, so it appears more purple than blue. Unfortunately any purple with blue in it always photographs as blue, so the pictures aren't entirely accurate. I'd say the second picture is the one that shows the color best, especially at the bottom of the bottle.
The formula for all hot topic nail polishes is not so great, they tend to get very thick and unusable after a while. Also, the brush is VERY hard to paint with, so I transferred the polish to another bottle with a better brush and kept the old bottle for picture purposes. At first the formula is fine, though; mine just looks very thick because I've had it for so long and used it so many times. It's opaque in 2 coats.


  1. I totally agree with you, this color works very well with other shades from hot topic to make an even better irridecsent purple hue as well. I mixed Oil Slick, this one, and a weirder fuschia purple together.

  2. Really sparkly and purple! I love it!