Saturday, February 5, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Sarah

Recently, Zoya had a facebook sale where if you used a code, you got to choose 3 free nail polishes. I ordered Tangy, Zara, Dovima, Savita, Ivanka, Charla, Mimi, Crystal, and Sarah (I bought 6 of them). I thought it was so nice of Zoya to do such a huge promotion, I mean 3 free nail polishes to ALL of their facebook fans?! that's ridiculous! So, thank you so much Zoya!

Here's the first color of the Zoyas that I got that I'm swatching (the others will come eventually, not all at once). It's a sparkly, glass-flecked raspberry-red. It flashes between being a sparkly red that looks like China Glaze's Ruby Pumps to a gorgeous deep raspberry, all the while having some subtle gold flecks thrown in as well. The formula is perfection as well; it's opaque in one coat, but I used two just to even it out for photo purposes, and I found it outstandingly easy to handle, it doesn't run and isn't too dry and it is so easy to create a perfect shape because of this.
I definitely give this polish and A+! Soo perfect!
the first two pictures are taken with no flash outside. They don't really capture the sparkliness, something that I find is hard to capture in pictures of red nail polish, but they do capture the color well. The last color is taken inside with flash and captures the sparkles somewhat more.


  1. I just ordered Sarah :) Now I cannot wait to get amazing!

  2. yay! prepared to be amazed because it is awesome!